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A switch to Gast Manufacturing improves product reliability and customer service


About CommScope

CommScope is a leading provider of network infrastructure solutions that enables companies around the world to design, build and manage their wired and wireless networks. CommScope’s solutions help customers increase bandwidth; maximize existing capacity; improve network performance and
availability; increase energy efficiency; and simplify technology migration.


Executive Summary

Frustrated with poor reliability and a lack of good customer service from another North American air compressor manufacturer, CommScope chose to switch exclusively to Gast Manufacturing rocking piston compressors for their air dehydrator systems.



CommScope designs and produces air dehydrator systems for wireless communications infrastructure systems. Their products use air compressors to apply a positive pressure of dry air to transmission lines that protects the lines from damage causing moisture and corrosion. The reliability of CommScope’s products is critical to the performance of wireless communication systems, so when reed valves in the air compressors they were using began breaking in the field, CommScope took immediate action to resolve the issue. Roger Hanson, Senior Mechanical Engineer for CommScope became frustrated with the lack of support he was receiving from CommScope’s previous supplier. “They told us that it was something in our system that was causing the problems,” says Hanson. After not getting resolution to the issue, CommScope turned to Gast for help.


The Solution

Hanson needed a reliable compressor and a supplier that was easy to work with; one that would make the transition painless. CommScope already used Gast rocking piston and diaphragm air compressors in some of their air dehydrator systems and Hanson was confident that the Gast 74R compressor would provide the performance and reliability needed. “We have run Gast 74R compressors for over 14,000 hours of continuous operation and they are still performing well. The reliability and durability of the piston cups is a key feature of Gast rocking piston compressors. They last longer than anything else on the market, but yet are still cost competitive and usually are a much better value than the competition.” In addition to reliability, the cost of the compressor is an important factor to CommScope. “Gast has very competitive pricing which allows me to keep our costs low and achieve our cost of goods sold target.” Commenting on the change Hanson adds, “The technical support and customer service Gast provided during the transition made it very easy to switch.”


Results and Future Plans

Like any company, CommScope places significant importance on product reliability and Hanson carefully monitored the performance of the Gast compressors after the switch. The results far exceeded his expectations. “Since switching exclusively to Gast compressors, we have never experienced the quality or customer service issues that we had with our previous supplier. The performance of Gast compressors is superior to everything else that we have ever tried. The reliability of their pumps is unmatched.” The superior performance of Gast rocking piston compressors has made such a positive impact that Hanson now designs CommScope’s new products specifically to accommodate Gast
pumps. “When given a design project, the first component that we select is the Gast compressor and we design our units around the compressor. Gast compressors are the most reliable and cost-effective solution on the market today. If low noise, clean operation and reliable life are desirable traits in an air compressor, there is nobody better than Gast."


Download the complete Commscope Case Study here: Commscope_Case_Study


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